Unshakable Hope

Until I began reading the Bible at the age of 21, I had no idea of what heaven was truly like. My childish view of heaven had been mostly formed by popular culture; from cartoons, television shows and movies like “Heaven Can Wait.” In my mind heaven was a really boring place where disembodied spirits wandered aimlessly through a mysterious London-like fog. The picture I had built-up in my limited imagination was just slightly better than the first level of Dante’s portrayal of hell; far from the beautiful paradise that I now believe it to be.

When I began reading the Bible’s descriptions of this place called heaven, I was shocked by how different it was from my naive view. I am now convinced that it’s vital to have an accurate view of heaven in order to maintain a genuine (joy and peace-giving) hope for this life…

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Chương 30

Tới công ty quả nhiên đúng như cô dự đoán chị gái cô –  Cố Minh Châu đang đập bàn đập ghế mắng mỏ đội nhân viên thất trận trở về từ Lương thị.

Cố Yên đẩy cửa bước vào đã bị mắng xối xả:

“Còn em nữa, hôm nay làm sao vậy hả? Ai làm gì em mà tự nhiên lăn ra ngất hả?” Giọng Cố Minh Châu như một lò lửa đang ngùn ngụt cháy.

Mồ hôi Cố Yên vã ra: “Chị à. Em….. hôm nay em không được khỏe cho lắm”.

“Không khỏe ư?” Cố Minh Châu vừa nói vừa quăng tập giấy tờ lên bàn phát cả ra tiếng “bụp” rõ ro. Sau đó cô quay sang Jessicassica và Lâm Xa: “Hai người còn không mau ra ngoài?”

Như được đại xá Jessica và Lâm Xa vội vàng cầm giấy tờ rồi cun cút…

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Nothing mentioned, nothing gained

Some things are just too terrible for my mind to process. The story of Richard Marsh, who woke up in intensive care following a stroke with “full cognitive and physical awareness, but an almost complete paralysis of nearly all the voluntary muscles in my body” to hear doctors discussing whether to switch off his life support machine, was one of the most harrowing things I have ever read. A religious person would have read that story and prayed – but my instinctive reaction was to hope that science would find a way to make these terrible situations better. And as it happened, just two days after I read Marsh’s story in the Guardian, New Scientist carried a story of an amazing new technology that will allow locked-in survivors to communicate much more naturally and easily than they do now.

Amazingly, Marsh recovered and now has a healthy and active lifestyle. He has…

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Scarsdale Insurance, NY

Summer gardening and upkeep is a popular pastime, one that many of us at Advocate Brokerage enjoy, but also one that comes with some serious health risks. According to the Better Health Channel, about one in five do-it-yourself injuries occur when gardening. But there are many ways to get the work done and stay safe at the same time.

Below, we have listed some simple pointers for you, provided by the Better Health Channel, to consider while beautifying your property this year:

  • Lawn Mower Safety: Many injuries are to hands and feet, but eye injuries can occur as well from debris that may fly around. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing as well as eye protection at all times.
  • Gardening Equipment: Use tools following their instructions and make sure power equipment has the proper safety devices. Also, be sure to use the appropriate tools for the job. Wearing gardening…

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